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About Big Dig

Big Dig is a Minecraft mod pack centered around a new kind of world generation, with large and frequent ore veins. With a hefty mod list and a ton of fat veins, we hope you'll spend less time collecting resources, and more time experimenting with the best mods the Minecraft community has to offer. Ride a chocobo, build the factory of your dreams, and melt down all the ores- some call it cheating. And, well, it pretty much is.


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Big Dig Mods

An Obsidian Plate - by Slinky Website v1.0
Applied Energistics - by AlgorithmX2 Website v9.i
Better Anvils - by vdvman1 Website v3.2
Buildcraft - by SpaceToad, Krapht, and Sir Sengir Website v3.4.3
Buildcraft: Logistics Pipes - by Krapht Website v0.7.0.91
Buildcraft: Valve Pipe (and More!) - by DenOfLions Website v1.3.1
ChocoCraft - by Torojima Website v2.5.3
ComputerCraft - by dan200 Website v1.5
ComputerCraft: CC Cable - by Xfel Website v1.4.1
ComputerCraft: Immibis's Peripherals - by immibis Website v52.1.2
ComputerCraft: OpenCCSensors - by The OpenCCSensors Team Website v0.1.4b
Craft & Enchant - by Maties7 Website v2.10
Dimensional Anchors - by immibis Website v52.2.0
Dimensional Doors - by StevenRS11 Website v1.2.1.12
Dungeon Pack - by Stuuupiiid Website v1
Equivalent Exchange 3 - by Pahimar Website vpre1f
Ender Storage - by Chicken Bones Website v1.4.1.2
Flat Bedrock - by Power Crystals Website v1.0.3
Forestry - by Sir Sengir Website v2.0.0.11
Forestry: Extra Bees - by Binnie Website v1.5.0.6b
Iron Chests - by cpw Website v5.1.0.275
Liquid Metals - by fred4106 Website v0.1.18
Metallurgy - by Rebel Keith and Shadowclaimer
  • Core, Base Metals, Precious Metals, Ender Metals
Website v2.4.x
MineChem - by ljdp Website v2.0.0-pr6.1
MineFactory Reloaded - by Power Crystals Website v2.3.2.287
Modular Power Suits - by Machine Muse Website v0.3.2.199
Mystcraft - by XCompWiz Website v0.10.1.00
OmniTools - by King Lemming Website v3.0.4
Pam's Wee! Flowers - by Pam, with help from Rhodox Website v1.01
Power Converters - by Power Crystals Website v2.2.2.29
Railcraft - by Covert Jaguar Website v6.17.0.0
Redpower 2 - by Eloraam Website v2.0.6
Rotten Flesh to Leather - by Epic Blargh Website v1.4.6
Secret Rooms - by Abrar Syed Website v4.5.0.190
Starting Inventory - by bspkrs and DaftPVF Website v1.4.6.r04
Soul Shards - by Shadw Drgn Website v1.26
Thermal Expansion - by King Lemming Website v2.2.2.2
Treecapitator - by bspkrs and DaftPVF Website v1.4.6.r07
Tube Stuff - by immibis Website v52.3.2
Useful Food - by Silentspy Website v1.3.1
Wireless Redstone: Chicken Bones Edition - by Chicken Bones
  • Core, Addons, Redpower
Website v1.3.2.8

Big Dig Coremods

Code Chicken Core - by Chicken Bones Website v0.7.3
Power Crystals Core - by Power Crystals Website v1.0.3.34
Immibis Core - by immibis Website v52.4.6
CoFH Core - by King Lemming Website v1.4.7.3
bspkrs Core - by bspkrs Website v1.02
Rei's Minimap - by ReiFNSK Website v3.2_06
Not Enough Items - by Chicken Bones Website v1.4.7.0
Not Enough Items: Mod Plugins - by Mistaqur Website v1.0.4.5a
Not Enough Items: Redpower plugin - by George Washington  Website v1.4.3.1
Inventory Tweaks - by Jimeowan Website v1.50
Monster Spawn Highlighter - by Lunatrius Website v1.3.0.14

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